www.akc.org – American Kennel Club- the mothership of them all
www.dtccu.com – Dog Training Club of Champaign Urbana – Illinois
www.champaignillinoiskc.com – Champaign Illinois Kennel Club (holds conformation classes in our area)
www.grca.org – Golden Retriever Club of America
www.grcillinois.org – Golden Retriever Club of Illinois
www.ukcdogs.com – United Kennel Club- a club that holds various events and a great place for beginners and kids to learn
www.infodog.com – MB-F, Inc./Info Dog- Dog Show Superintendent-also has a list of purebred dog shows and events across the country
www.royjonesdogshows.com – Dog Show Superintendent
www.onofrio.com – Jack Onofrio Dog Shows- Dog show superintendent
www.foytrentdogshows.com – Dog Show Superintendent
www.asgoodasgold.org – As Good As Gold Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois
www.k9data.com – to view pedigrees for golden retrievers
www.animalgenetics.com – Genetic testing services for canine inherited diseases
www.pawprintgenetics.com – Genetic testing services for canine inherited diseases
www.embarkvet.com – Genetic testing services for canine inherited diseases
www.naturesfarmacy.com – Great place to order vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other supplements
www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com – Dogs Naturally Market- great supplements and a nice magazine
www.farmina.com – Great dry and wet dog food that I highly recommend
www.mypetcarnivore.com – Raw dog food company out of Indianapolis IN that delivers to many states throughout the midwest

www.DogWebsPremium.com – Website for your Kennel

www.DogWebs.Biz – Website for your Club or Business